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  Firstly, no matter whether you are the member of our company, or the old clients or new friends to closely cooperate with our company for many years, or the peers in the same industry to help each other, hereby, I extend my welcome and appreciation to your focus on our company. Let's get together to witness the grown up and development of our company.
  The blade of the sward is from being honed out while the fragrance of the plum blossom is from the snow. From the beginning of Tengfei company in Shenyang in 1999 to the establishment of Tianjin Branch in 2005, ever step has witnessed the rising and development of our company, meanwhile undertaken the higher ideal, hope and responsibility of the members in our company.
  "Honesty and Trustworthy, Mutual benefit and Win-Win" is the motto and pious principle in every link of operation of our company. It is the enterprise soul with the characteristic and sustainable development created by the members in our company.
  The development of the enterprise is responsible for the members while the development of the employees is responsible for their enterprise. The development of our company is held the responsibility for the society and the members in all circles". This is both the unity of the corporate and social responsibility of our company and the image of Tengfei company presented to our members and the friends in all sectors of community. It is the cherish treasure for our company to have one loyal and grateful service team with the brilliant executive force. They closely cooperate, work cautiously and conscientiously, carry forward the team work spirit, cherish their jobs and are devoted themselves to it. They sincerely push the company to move forward and support the commitment of the company to the society and friends by the highly responsibility and initiative. Let's work together to seize the opportunity, face the challenge, and share the achievement and happiness of our development.
  We regard the cooperative relation as the bridge and boat, fish and water. Our partners are the friends to share the weal and woe with us. To retrospect, no matter what the bitterness and brilliance are, we support each other and bear together. To look forward the future, we will also help each other.
  With the gradual development and expansion of our company, we will look forward to creating the more expensive and deeper partnership with the clients, establishing the lifelong friendship to treat each other with sincerity and share weal and woe and initiating our common great course and beautiful achievement.
  I am firmly confident that our company will definitely obtain our goals that are to exert the intelligence and wisdom of our members, rely on the support from the friends in all sectors of community and  turn our company into the national wide and first class big pipe supermarket and distribution base integrated with the pipe processing, storage and logistics distribution by brilliant management, fine quality, sincere service and continuous pursuit under the guide of the thoughts of the scientific and harmonious development.
  All fellows, I wish the successful cooperation. Let's help each other forward to welcome the future milestone and prosperity. Here to the health and happiness!