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16 Ton New Type Gantry Crane Installed Successfully and Put Into Service

Number of visits: Date:2012-03-24 16:08

  Recently, "16 ton new type gantry crane" installed newly by  Tianjin Tengfei Pipe Co., Ltd. has successfully accomplish the installation and debugging, and come into service. This new equipment is introduced to meet the requirement of the internal coping production, improve the finishing capacity, promote production efficiency, elevate the corporate competitiveness, demonstrate the company strength and increase the comprehensive processing capacity. As far as we concern, the "gantry crane" equipment introduced by our company this time is 9 meters height and 16 ton maximum loading capacity, which greatly exceed the loading capacity of the original equipment. Due to the constantly increase and expansion of the volume of business, storage and processing scale in our company, the original equipment cannot meet the demands of the daily delivery. Putting the new equipment into service can effectively increase amount and weight of single craning, promote working efficiency of processing and storage in workshop. Its introduction marked that the productivity of our company has reached the new height and the operation capacity has elevated to new level.
  During the period of installation, the staff in all posts coordinated in the skilled way and seriously debugged to make the installation of " gantry crane" such as hoisting, balancing, jointing and bolting smoothly conduct and successfully complete.

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