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Strengthening the Team Construction, Promoting the Enterprise Competitiveness----Training of Sales Team in Tianjin Tengfei Company

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  April 24, 2012, Li Huanzhang, the consultant in our company, spent the time of lunch break to train the all employees and part of the senior leaders with "strengthening the team construction, promoting the enterprise competitiveness" as the theme.
  Li Huanzhang, from the current trend of social development, comprehensive force, national policy and national system, combined with the practical development to the team implication and how to enhance the team construction, make the deep analysis by applying many practices and metaphor.
  Mr Li said during the training, a successful enterprise cannot be without the unity and coordination of every its team. It is the key to promote the corporate competitiveness that we focus on the team construction, enhance the team force, and create the working team with the high performance. To have the steady position in the dramatic market competitiveness and constantly move forward, we need to create the first class team with the high quality, high performance, excellent executive force, responsibility, devotion to working, loyalty and hardworking, various talents and the fighting force.
  Untile now, Tengfei company has been developing for 13 years, from the original rough working environment to the existing modern office building, factory, workshop, deliberate equipment, excellent technology, sophisticated managerial system and staff team with the high quality. Our clients are all around the world and we will start to branch out the overseas business. Our company has accomplish the big stride! We will take the advantage of the the sound resources such as the current relation with the clients and connections and the national preferential policies of all forms to make the next big step by the unremitting efforts and close cooperation of all teams in our company.

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