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Peers From the Shenyang Tengfei Company Visiting Tianjin Branch to Exchange the Work

Number of visits: Date:2012-05-04 16:10

  May 13, 2012, ten peoole in the delegation from Shenyang Tengfei Company had the working exchange in Tianjin Branch. The working exchange meeting was begun in the meeting room in our company at 8:10 am. By taking advantage of this golden opportunity, the leaders and employees in all departments from both companies strengthened the link and counterpart exchange of all routine work in both companies. They spoke out freely and seriously summarized the previous work experience while exchanging the suggestions and comments on the problems arising from the future work in the new year. The company leaders also proposed the key requirements and work instructions to both companies in accordance with the problems lied in the production and operation activities.
  Through this exchange meeting, the employees from both companies had the correct orientation in the future work from the recognition and consciousness. This meeting promoted the corporate philosophy of Tengfei Company, enhanced the corporate cultural construction, created the excellent team, and finally laid the firm foundation for the another stride of our company.

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