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TFPC obtained the honor of “2011,Dongli,Tianjin Top 50 Annual Income & Tax-Paying Enterprises”

Number of visits: Date:2012-07-26 16:15

  On July 24, 2012,our leaders took part in the meeting of “2011 Top 50 Annual Income & Tax-Paying Enterprises”,held in Dongli Hotel.
  At the meeting, District Leader speaked highly of those,who has made great contribution to paying tax in Dongli District.Private enterprises has been an important part in promoting economic development.Through comprehensive assessment,TPFC was appraised to be the “Top 50 Tax-Paying Enterprise” & “Top 50 Revenue Enterprise”.It’s our second year to get this honor.
  Being “Top 50 Annual Income & Tax-Paying ” for two years encouraged TFPC to move on.

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