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What is responsibility

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  For better understanding of resposibility,a training on “staff’s resposibility” is carried out among TFPC held by Deputy Manager,Mr.Shan.GM Su An’hui attainded and gave an excellent speech about how to be resposible.
  Through this training,all the staff have learnt what’s responsibility, the relationship between work and responsibility,how to treat your daily work and have responsibility.It made employees realise that responsibility was the base of live,the source of our national prosperity and the footstone of company development.There is no important job,but a person of looking down upon his/her work;there is no humble work,but humble attitude.We should take the work as our responsibility and mission,so as to leading TFPC to brighten future.
  At the meeting,Mr.Su appointed that facing the depressed economic situation,TFPC still reached great achievement.While there was something we need to improve.What we should do was to inspire spirit,learn and think more and be responsibility.Apply the theory into practice.
  Through this training,everyone had a better and further understanding of our company,job and resposibility.We believed that TFPC will be more glorious.

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