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Chamber of Commerce leader from Malaysia Hardware Machinery Building Materials Came to Visit Our Company

Number of visits: Date:2012-09-28 16:31

  In order to further explore the international market and to seek more cooperation opportunities, hardware and building materials in Malaysia Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Gao Mingliang was invited to my company for a three - day friendly exchanges. On September 28, 2012, Chairman Su Anhui cordially met Mr. Gao and gave a warm welcome.
  Mr. Gao Mingliang from Malaysia Hardware Machinery Building Materials Chamber of Commerce, also worked as executive director of the Federation of Malaysian Chinese school and has contributes to promote the development of Chinese education in Malaysia. He has a large distribution of hardware and building materials trade in Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.
  Mr. Gao and Mr. Su had friendly talks cordial exchanges, about the two countries' national conditions and the development of foreign trade. Mr. Gao was invited to participate in the foreign trade exchange and gave a detailed introduction about the market economy in Malaysia and the development of education, gave us a lot of valuable experience on foreign trade.
  Accompanied by general Bao and manager Shan, Mr. Gao visited our processing center, indoor and outdoor warehouse. His visit help us to know more about Southeast Asia market and gave us a broader market insight.




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