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Rely on Innovation to Increase Efficiency

Number of visits: Date:2012-11-23 16:38

  Recently, directed by Engineer Bao, our deputy general manager, our own electric beveling machine X50-F1 was produced by our technical personnel and skilled workers.
  The total weight of X50-F1 is about 4 tons and machinable diameter range from Ø267---Ø89mm, and wall thickness within 12mm for flat mouth and single V groove, as well as groove blunt edge once processing is complete. Processed products could achieve the standard for exporting. It is easy to operate and increases the efficiency apparently, which fill the blank the small diameter can not be processed.
  The success of this beveling machine inspires the spirit of each employee and improves the technical level of all the participants and firms their confidence.
  By Nov 23rd, the production of expansion was 20,700 tons, which exceeding the 38% completion of the target set at the beginning of 2012.


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