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13 Year Celebration and Opening Ceremony for Investment Company

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  Dec 8th, 2012, the especially day came finally in everyone’s expectation. To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the establishment and the opening ceremony of Investment company, Tianjin Company and Shenyang Company gathered together to celebrate.
    The opening of Investment Company is a new starting point for the development of Tengfei Company, as well as a major strategic milestone in the history of the company. During the past 13 years, our company accurately grasps the pulse of the market and set the principles of diversification. On one hand, its main business grow bigger and stronger, on the other hand, it invested into new energy, banking, high-tech manufacturing and processing, as well as foreign trade to expand and develop. Encouraging achievements have been made!
     13 years ago, starting from a steel pipe retail company and now developed as a comprehensive enterprise for sales, production, processing, storage and logistics. Tengfei people, with indomitable spirit of courage and hard work, with their wisdom and pursue for quality and excellence, creating a brilliant moment of today.


     13 year along the way, Tengfei people worked with the pioneering spirit, the courage to overcome challenge and endless efforts. Every one contributed to the development of the company. We will work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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