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2012 Annual Awards Ceremony Concluded Successfully

Number of visits: Date:2013-01-23 17:14

  January 22nd, in the conference room on the fourth floor of the administration building, the company held its 2012 annual ceremony. Our Chairman, Mr. Su Anhui and General Manager, Mr. Shan Songtao and other members of the senior leadership and department managers, all together more than 100 people participated in the award ceremony.
  The meeting was held in the Spring Festival approaching, as a spectacular awards ceremony. The purpose is to have both in-depth summaries for the past year and to make the general assembly work of 2013.
  At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager, Mr.Wang Qingsheng’s congratulatory message was sent to Tengfei Company. Mr. Wang affirmed the overall work in 2012. And then General Manager Mr. Shan gave a report of the work in 2012 and cleared task indicators of different departments in 2013.
  Then 2012 annual production business experts, the excellent staff, excellent team, Tengfei communication outstanding authors and team were announced. The meeting reached its climax with the winners’ podium. Excellent workers’ representatives gave speech to address that they will work harder and give return to company’s trust and recognition.
  In the end, our Chairman, Mr.Su Anhui concluded this meeting and gave review of the work in 2012. Mr. Su also delivered an important speech to clear the instructions and development of the overall strategy for 2013.
  The meeting came to the conclusion with a exciting and harmonious atmosphere, which foresighted a better future for Tengfei Company in the coming new year!


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