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Tianjin Tengfei Won the Bid for China National Chemical Corporation –CHEMCHINA’s Project in Quanzhou

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      In early 2013, in China Chemical Industry Group project bidding, after hard work, Tianjin Tengfei Corporation got the bid successfully and became the supplier for seamless steel pipes for Quanzhou project. This means, Tianjin Tengfei won not only the project, but also the customer’s trust and our brand reputation on the market.

      Quanzhou Project is hold by China Industry Group (refered to Sinochem) for 12 million tons refinery project, which is planned by the state refinery as one of the national key projects during “The Twelve Five Years Plan”.  The project has a great demand for seamless steel pipes and the construction period will be 2-3 years. The project plan is to process 12 million tons of crude oil, as kerosene, gasoline, diesel and other products of high quality. It is expected to be the most competitive refining business.

       Becoming the supplier for Quanzhou project has important effect for the company. It helps the company to create a considerable economic benefit; it is also a great challenge to improve the organization and coordination between different departments and staff. 

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