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March 2012 Tengfei Report Coming Again

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  November 30, 2007, our company started to public the platform of the enterprise culture construction----Tengfei Report. The original intention to establish this publication is to be convenient to pass the decision of the leaders to the staff, and conducive to publicize the good conduct and deeds in the company so as to set the good model, as well as to provide the platform fro the staff to communicate the experience, knowledge and information and present the their own elegant demeanors. By doing this, it can truly and objectively reflect the history of development of our company. The establishment of Tengfei Report coheres the wisdom of the staff in our company. From the publication, it acquired the actively response from the colleagues of our company. Untile January 2010, the report has been launched in ten issues, then since the relevant responsible personnel undertook the so arduous work that it stopped to be published.
  In order to quickly pass the fundamental policies of the enterprise party committee and administrative department and work requirements in different stages to employees so as to let the staff understand the current working focus of the company and all enterprise work requirements, meanwhile make the employees to understand the trends of development in the company, accept the modern managerial concept and broaden the horizon, and make the management to understand the thinking and views of the employees, play the role of promoting the policies, facilitating the work, passing the information and creating the enterprise the culture environment, 11th issue fo Tengfei Report will meet with all employees and clients in quarterly publication in the near time through nervous and deliberate efforts of the relevant personnel in all departments. Its re-publication marked that the management in the company has bridge with the staff again and the important embodiment of the enterprise culture of "Tengfei Pipe".

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