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Ye Jingbo, the Manager in Property Department of Tianjin Tengfei Pipe Co., Ltd., Awarded the Labor Prize in Dongli District

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  Early before Labor Day in 2011, Ye Jingbo, the manager in property department of Tianjin Tengfei Pipe Co., Ltd., was awarded the "Labor Prize" issued by Tianjin Donling District government.
  Since founded in 2005, Tianjin Tengfei Pipe Co., Ltd., through the steadfast efforts, constantly carries out the production and learning activities of all forms and creates the new prospects in work. On the one hand, our company sticks to take the significant thoughts of "Three Represents" as the guide, resolutely implements the guidelines and policies of the Party and the governments in all levels and makes efforts to promote the consciousness in thinking and politics.of all members; on the other hand, continues to improve the theocratical and cultural standard and the level of business operation of the staff in all posts. We will promote the project quality by the processing quality and strictly require to operate in accordance with the quality standard. We adheres to equip the person by the scientific theory, guide the person by the correct theory, build the person by the lofty spirit and inspire the person by the excellent style. We will increasingly promote the ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality of the members, strive to cultivate and build a big group of members like Ye Jingbo, who is the "Four Virtue" employee with the ideal, moral, culture and discipline and pursues the first class quality. With the scientific and technological development, Tianjin Tengfei Pipe Co., Ltd. has constantly applied the new technology into the practice, promoted the working quality, made efforts to create and made the enormous innovations. We has relied on the strong product advantage, convenient sales process, improved service system and rich storage resource. By doing that, our company has development all kinds of cooperative partners and clients and successively became the supplier of the large major projects such as CNPC by the professional service.
  Through winning the "Labor Prize" this time, we learn that the government in all levels and clients have recognized and affirm the unremitting efforts made by Tianjin Tengfei Pipe Co., Ltd.. However, we will never satisfy the current achievements. We will take the honor as the motive, continue to adhere to the operation philosophy of "Honesty and Trustworthy, Mutual benefit and Win-Win" and carry out the working spirit of assiduous struggles to make our company create the accomplishment again.

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