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On The Right Track Towards The Take-off

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  Tianjin Tengfei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. "Employee Handbook" (Second Edition) had been formally Promulgated and Implemented
    In order to implement the standardized , systematic and programmatic management of the Group and to better strengthen the building of enterprise culture, “Employee Handbook”(second edition)had been formally promulgated and implemented in September 2012 after a comprehensive, detailed, and amendments by the Company Management Department.
    "Employee Handbook" ( Second Edition) reflects the company 's collective wisdom , it is the general consensus of the majority of employees and the guide of behavior for employees’ life and work , and also the important results of the company’s culture construction.
    "Employee Handbook” (Second Edition), formally promulgated and implemented enterprise management system of Tengfei Steel Pipe Company and opened a new prologue. Let us work together to meet the best mental outlook to take off more brilliant tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, training of the “Employee Handbook “(second edition) will be carried out in order to strengthen the implementation and management, Department managers , supervisors and all staff will be arranged to attend the training according to different working conditions.

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