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Tengfei Company Donated To Help the Disaster Area

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  In early August 2012, influenced by typhoon weather, Xiuyan County in Anshan, Liaoning Province suffered a rare flood disaster seriously which affected a large area of Xiuyan County and caused great casualties and property losses. Disaster strike, the community all grieve affectionate concerned about the situation of the people in the disaster area.
  Chairman of Tengfei Company, Mr. Sui, and all staff chairman cared about their hometown and the people in disaster areas and comforted them in a timely manner. September 11, 2012, Chairm Su Anhui, and general manager Wang Qingsheng, all together 8 people, arrived in the post-disaster area again and donated items. Two ambulances were donated to the the Xiuyan Center People's Hospital to expressed the feelings of the Tengfei people. All the Tengfei people hope that people of their hometown health, peace and happiness.
  Government leaders of Xiuyan County to expressed their deep appreciation to Tengfei Company and they would give turned this care into power. At 14:00 pm, the Xiuyan Center People's Hospital donated scene was covered by intense emotional. Xiuyan County leaders and all the staff from the hospital warmly welcomed the arrival of Tengfei Company. The l deputy secretary of the county, deputy head of the Health Bureau, head of the hospital all came out to greet warmly.
  Chairman Su Anhu of Tengfei Company, spoke on behalf of all the staff of the Division saluted the noble to the the Xiuyan life-saving health care of People's Hospital. He said that as a native of Xiuyan, it was so sad to see the storm invasion to his hometown and roads, homes had been washed away. Tengfei Company had always been an enterprise with high sense of social responsibility, caring, and would make the greatest efforts to return hometown and contribute to the communit. Tengfei would be with the people of his hometown, arm in arm, to tide over the difficulties and rebuild their homes!




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