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Tengfei Celebrated National Holiday and frontline Spectrumed Carol

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  As Oct comes, Tengfei steps into the fourth production season for 2012. The new production has been set up and all the Tengfei people are strengthening their confidence and trying best to fulfill the tough task and make sure to complete the fourth quarter satisfactorily.
  During the National holiday and Chinese mid-autumn festival, most of the frontline employees who are from Liaoning province still fighting and ensuring the completion of the production task instead of going back home and enjoy the happy family getting together time. This is an ordinary laborer loyalty to the company!
  All the Tengfei people appreciate their diligent working during the holiday! From Sep 30th to October 7th, we achieving sales of 1354.8 tons and the shipping from the warehousing department is 1607.4 tons, the storage capacity is 1999.2 tons and the thermal expansion capacity 510 tons, as well as the distribution trips up to 160 times.
  Let’s show our deep appreciation and highest consideration to the frontline workers who worked during the holiday: thanks for your hard working!

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