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Sino-US Steel Pipe Standard Knowledge Training

Number of visits: Date:2012-10-18 16:34

  In order to improve and strengthen the staff’s knowledge about steel pipe standard, “Sino-US steel standards and conversion” was hold on Oct 13th. Chief engineer, Mr. Bao as the lecturer, department managers and sales took advantage of lunch break to attend the training.
  Mr. Bao focused on the detailed description and explanation on “Sino-US steel pipe standard conversion” and gave the stall specific introduction on GB and American Standard basic definition, the four state owned standards associations, the significance of the stand, the international system of unit and U.S. customary units conversion method as well as the problems that will be encountered in the future, especially for sales and foreign trade sales.
  Through the training, the staff had a deeper understanding of steel pipe knowledge, which strengthened the actual work skills and level of expertise.



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